Estate Layout

Estate Land-use Plans

A carefully planned state-of-the-art model city, designed with a focus on nurturing healthy lifestyle, protecting the environment, providing dynamic functionalities, and population burst handling capacity. A green city with all its infrastructural components fitted to preserve nature and enhance the protection of ecosystems. The natural topography is preserved in construction, the estate is surrounded with buffer zone green belt meant to hold tall growing trees selected for shielding the estate from external noise, dust and possible pollution threats. The city is laced with purposefully positioned leisure parks, events and community centers, and with health clubs / gymnasiums at walkable locations, schools, hospitals, markets, etc.

Three (3) large bodies of water (artificial lakes) are created following natural water courses across the estate. The bodies of water are held in artificial basins that allow naturally controlled evaporation to enhance the atmospheric humidity and keep the environment at a tender moisture level when temperature is elevated.