Infrastructure Layout

Estate Infrastructure Design Consideration

A robust infrastructure engineering design that gave due considerations to health and safety, 21st Century living dynamics and functionalities, environment, serviceability and scalability. Cabling network is mostly underground for clean environment and uninhibited tree planting. Centralized water supply, gas supply, sewage, and waste management systems administered in serviceable modules. Fiber optical cable networks for telecoms backbone (high speed Internet, TV, phones, city-wide CCTV, sensors and actuators) for smart
city and Internet of Things (IoT) readiness. Infused with selected low carbon emission light-weight industries that focus on producing living essentials that serve the basic needs of the community.

Powered independent of the national grid through solar and biomass hybrid generating plants to ensure .the survival and viability of the industries. Great portion of the estate is preserved as green areas; no residential space is allowed to share a common boundary with commercial space without a sizable buffer to be filled with trees. The trees are maintained in a manner that provides a good wind-break, absorb common emissions and enhance oxygen production to ensure clean air, sun shield for outdoor leisure and other recreational activities like cycling and walk-in-the-wood .

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