The Project Drivers

Ordinary (Dr.) Ahmad Isah

Ordinary (Dr.) Ahmad Isah popularly known as the Ordinary President, Voice of the Voiceless, and Grand Commander of the Ordinary Nigerians (GCON) is the Founder and President of the Brekete Family consortium. He is a veteran broadcaster, philanthropist and an entrepreneur per excellence. Ordinary Ahmad is also the founder and Chairman of Human Rights Radio and TV networks. This is the first radio and TV station that do 100% human rights programs 24/7. The Sites and Services housing Estate project is a brainchild of Brekete Family.

Brekete Family led by Ordinary Ahmad uses a blend of investigative and developmental broadcast journalism expressed in reality Radio/TV talk shows involving tactical reporting, bespoke mediation and adaptive conciliation techniques to engage in its fight against human rights' abuses, administrative and social injustices, corruption, impunity in criminality and other social vices. These efforts are complemented with uncommon humanitarian exploits of the Ordinary President directed towards saving human lives and alleviating people's suffering. Central to the Ordinary President's work in this domain is deliberate interventions where critical material needs exist. His goals have always been to strategically support the vulnerable and the indigent while empowering the less- privileged.

In a bid to reach out to all and sundry and give everyone an accessible potent platform where they can communicate and interact at the lowest levels without the usual language barrier, he anchors the Brekete Family reality show in pidgin English. Ordinary Ahmad has for the past 23 years used the Brekete Family program to provide exceptional succour and a potent voice to the voiceless victims of human rights violation and injustice. He has used his program in very impressive ways to empower the low and middle class with the aim of enabling a peaceful society that develops sustainably.

Principally, this is the key motivation for the creation of the sites and services housing project. His passion for this pursuit and drive has endeared him to millions of people across the country and globally. His leadership and creative socioeconomic empowerment program have piloted Brekete Family into being recognized as an epitome of media renaissance. Therefore, the followership he enjoys through the Brekete Radio/TV platform is understandably fanatical. One of the things rubbing off positively on this project is the fact that Brekete Family has become a beacon of hope to many in the present day Nigeria where traditional institutions and those in leadership positions have failed to deliver in their mandate to the people. Ordinary Ahmad can be reached on: or

Iyke Ezeugo

Iyke Ezeugo is the Project Driver and Consultant for the Brekete Family Sites and Services Housing Estate Project. Iyke is a technocrat with expertise cutting across Engineering, Information Technology, business processes re-engineering, strategies, competition and sustainability. His career and interest span through real-estates development, service delivery dynamics, open source intelligence, Information Technology, Cyber-warfare and digital Forensics.

As the key driver for the project his responsibilities include concepts enrichment and transformation into concrete models, analysis and design, formulation of strategies and building of implementation frameworks.

In addition to many other academic trainings, professional development and skills in relevant fields, Iyke holds the University of Liverpool Master degree in Information Technology and currently a Ph.D candidate of the Texila American University. Iyke has offered consultancy to an impressive array of organizations in Project development, business processes re-engineering, business strategies, competition and sustainability, open-source intelligence, information technology, information systems security for critical infrastructures, cyber-warfare and digital forensics.

Iyke can be reached on
Phone: +234-7034-720-386